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clrc66303 LPCD feature

Question asked by Laszlo Szabo on Sep 25, 2017
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I invented a battery powered device, which uses the clrc66301 IC. I use its LPCD mode and I get a half cm wakeup distance in the most cases with may all hardware.

I'd like to use the new clrc66303 reader IC's enhanced lpcd features. The Nxp invented two new features bits in LPCD_OPTION register (LPCD_TX_HIGH and LPCD_FILTER). I use only the LPCD_FILTER bit and I get better wakeup distance( at about 1cm) in my most hardware, but in some cases I realized the LPCD_I_UNSTABLE or the LPCD_Q_UNSTABLE error bits is set in LPCD_OPTION register. What I have to do with these error bits, how do I calcule the new Imin, Imax, Qmin and Qmax value for the next wakeup. I realized, when these bits or only one is set, the original calcultion method give an unstable settings and the chip is frequently wakeup. The sleep state is not stable at all. How do I need to calculate, the new Imin,Imax,Qmin and Qmax load value in these cases?


I would be very happy if somebody tell me a good solution