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IMX6ULL Boot configuration issue for Sd and eMMc

Question asked by ramesh t on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by ramesh t

Our Customised design using IMX6ULL we are facing the issue in SD boot and eMMc boot because we are not using switch for  BT_CFG2[3] to change Sd or eMMc boot.

We followed the NXP EVK boot configuration resistor setting same in our design.

Following are the Queries:

  1. Any difference in software ROM level between IMX6UL vs IMX6ULL processor?
  2. How IMX6UL design working fine without change in BT_CFG2[3] logic level but IMX6ULL doesn't work?
  3. Can be possible to change only Software code level(uboot) to make this board work SD/eMMC without hardware modification?

Please find the attached image which have marked the BT_CFG2[3]

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