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EIM problem on 4.1.15 kernel

Question asked by lucaschettini on Sep 7, 2017
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we have a custom board based on iMX6 Q and D

We've few kernel modules, successfully compiled with both kernel 4.1.15 (on Ubuntu 16.04) and 3.14.54 (on Yocto Jethro).
These modules use EIM for comunicate with an FPGA connected to the EIM bus.



On 3.14.54 all works fine, but on 4.1.15 when I read data from EIM, I receive a static response data.

Correct data from 3.14.54:

FirmwareVersion: [b014] 45076
BuildYear: [2016] 8214
BuildMonthDay: [1027] 4135
BuildTime: [1130] 4400


Static data from 4.1.15:

FirmwareVersion: [2840] 10304

BuildYear: [2840] 10304
BuildMonthDay: [2840] 10304
BuildTime: [2840] 10304


If make a dump with a debugger on the corresponding virtual address, there are the same incorrect values at every EIM mapped address.


Are there changes from 3.14.54 to 4.1.15 EIM kernel implementation?
Have you an idea or suggestion?