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Problem of FOPT configuration

Question asked by Masahiro Kiniwa on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by Kerry Zhou



I use FRDM-KL03Z and adc16_polling sample in SDK.

When I change the FOPT value from 0x3D to 0xFD for using ROM bootloader, it occur to jump default handler.

Its issue occurs only using Keil MDK-ARM. (It doesn't occur, when I use IAR EWARM.)

And it occures both P&E OpenSDA and J-Link.


<Detail of issue>

1. Change the FOPT value from 0x3D to 0xD

2. Build and debug by Keil MDK-ARM

3. Connect virtual COM and received first message from FRDM-KL03Z, and FRDM-KL03Z wait for key input

4. As soon as press a key, FRDM-KL03Z jump to default handler.


Could you tell me a reason of its issue and workaround for using MDK-ARM?


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