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MK64FX512 clock setup

Question asked by Wim Kimpe on Aug 13, 2017
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On a new board I am trying to get the clock configured on the MK64X512xxx12.

I started from a FRDM-K64F project - I have such a board as well - and then tried to move the project to my new board.

When stepping through the code, it seems to get stuck on the clock configuration. So I figured, ok, clocks on my hardware is different, so I just need to change the clock configuration to match my hardware.

I tried to use the clock tool on MCUXpresso to generate the proper code, but it allways seems to get stuck in the function 


and always when calling 


I tried to use the internal 48 MHz clock, the external crystal oscillator (my board has a 16 MHz crystal connected between the EXTAL0 and XTAL0 pins), but nothing seems to work.

However, if I just skip the clock configuration and take the default power on reset values, then my example does work, but then I have a clock of about 20 MHz, while I would like to run it on 120 MHz.


Any ideas?