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SPI chip select issue in imx7d-SABRESD

Question asked by DEVEN SOLANKI on Aug 7, 2017
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I have been working in imx7d sabresd. Right now I am testing SPI interface(in mikrobus - ECSPI3). In board SPI chip select is GPIO6_IO22(address 3033_0228) and i configured it as a chip select from device tree ,and GPIO5_IO9(address 3033_01ac) is configure as a GPIO not as a SS2(chip select) and it is in LOW state. When I am trying to communicate over SPI, because of low state of this pin(GPIO5_IO9) that SPI device also get selected and I am getting wrong data.


I tried by isolating GPIO5_IO9 connection from SPI(through hardware), so it is working fine.


Is this expected behaviour in imx7d?

If I want to do this by software, how can i do?



Million thanks in advance.