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How to reduce quiescent current in STOP mode

Question asked by Krishna Valluri on Jul 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2017 by Daniel Martynek



I am using mm9Z1_638 controller, I have enabled current measurement in the STOP mode by doing so i am observing the current consumption as 1.6mA. The total current consumed during STOP mode is calculated (or measured) using register ACQ_AHC after wake-up. I tried to reduce the current consumption by lowering the current measurement period by using the register ACQ_TCMP. The register ACQ_TCMP is set to 500msec, so current measurement is triggered at 500msec, but the ACQ_AHC is NOT sync in this case. I mean when ACQ_TCMP is 0 and my load current is 10mAmps, then after 60 sec stop i am observing ACQ_AHC as 600 mAmps which is correct, but when ACQ_TCMP is set to 500msec (0x1F4) i am observing the ACQ_AHC  as random value after wake-up. 


Please help me in resolving this. Thanks in advance