Michael Casadevall

Booting Linux from the M5475EVB's builtin flash

Discussion created by Michael Casadevall on Aug 31, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2008 by Tom Thompson
I've recently acquired a M5475EVB secondhand from another developer on my team, and I'm working to get Linux and its initrd burnt onto the firmware. I don't have the BDM module, or the cable for this board so I'm unwilling to remove dBUG as I'm likely to make a brick if I tried to replace it with u-boot.

Currently, I've determined the m5475EVB has two flash chips, a small 2MB one which currently only houses dBUG, and the larger 16MB one that Linux properly sees (the 2MB one isn't seen AFAIK, as the fl reports both, but Linux only reports 16MB of flash). I want to use mtdparts to parition the 16MB chip into smaller chunks, 4MB for the kernel, 4MB for initrd, and 8MB of flash for the userland (although ATM, the 4MB initrd is only going to be used to load a RAMdisk so I can format the 8MB flash to JFFS2).

In general, is there any good notes or documentation on doing such a thing, or anyone have experience on using mtdparts?