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ABS.S19, PHY, SRecCvt and Log2Phy

Question asked by Husein Rashed on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2017 by ZhangJennie


I know this has been asked several times in pieces but I’m trying to get a full concrete understanding.


I’m running CW version 5.2 for MC9S12XEP100, and after compilation it generates the following files:

abs, abs.s19, and abs.glo in the bin directory.


What I think I understand:

abs= is the abs.s19 with debug information. This is “Banked” or “Logical”.

abs.s19=is the just code without the debug information. This is still “Banked” or Logical.


I needed to generate a file that is “linear” or “physical” and the tools that were recommended in online threads were Log2Phy and SRecCvt.

What I don’t understand:

  1. I inputted my abs.s19 file from CW into both tools (SRecCvt and Log2Phy) and the results were different. SRecCvt outputted an S19 file and Log2Phy outputted a PHY file, when compared they look nothing alike? The only differences between the tools was that SRecCvt has more parameters in which the user can modify (I left them as default and just made sure that I’m converting from Banked to Linear).
  2. What is the abs.glo file in my bin directory?

Thank You.