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i.MX6ULL How can is use input clocks CLK1, CLK2 to bypass the audio PLL generator?

Question asked by Gordon Rankin on Jun 29, 2017
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I see in figure 10-3 of the Hardware Reference manual CLK1, CLK2 input into the clock block multiplexer section as well as the main 24MHZ oscillator. I see that there are pins CLK1_N/CLK1_P differential inputs for CLK1, but I cannot seem to find any reference to input CLK2 in the IO ALT#. There is a bunch of references to the CLK1/CLK2 outputs, just not the input CLK2.


I want to feed known audio Master Clocks into CLK2 single ended, bypass the audio pll and use this clock to derive the I2S and possibly SPDIF output feeds.