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Processor Expert I2S with DMA, Round buffer problem

Question asked by Tobias strate on Jun 16, 2017

I am having problems getting the DMA to Switch between a high and a low buffer, for continuous transfer and receive. Since the DMA part of the I2S component is locked i have tried setting up the Scatter/Gather feature to help switch between the high and low buffer when finished with the major loop. which does work but it only cycles twice and then new inputs are not read. 


to enable continuous reading and transmitting, i have added the Receive block function inside the block received interrupt


The only way i have found to get it running smoothly is by calling the Disabletransfer in between transfer, this method though causes me to loose audio data due to the re enabling time 


Does anyone have a good method of setting it up for continuous run and use with an audio codec?

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