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how to guarantee  mfgtool2 transfer successful  without file broken.

Question asked by brcue liu on Jun 13, 2017

Hello support team


when  i use mfgtoolcli  to burn image to i.mx6ull target board NAND FLASH

i found there have some files broken after successful  transfer done.

the mfgtools is the last version from GitHub 2.3.4

my host is debian 8.8 

i can use the mfgtoolcli burn u-boot ,kernel ,roots to the target on board NAND Flash successful.

but when run in the i.mx6ull  board, the system report some library  is broken as not a valid ELF file .

i check the file in the target board . the file is exist there ,but broken.

then i use SCP to copy that file  from host build output to override the target file ,it' work ok.

the files  broken is random ,if the rootfs.tar.bz2 file size  is more big  than 35MB,the file broken will be more .

 my question is ,is there any way to guarantee  the image burn with mfgtool,that's very import issue when in  manufactory to make product you know .


regards & thanks 

bruce Liu