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Network and CANBUS on TWR-KV58F220

Question asked by Christie Su on Jun 6, 2017
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I am testing the network and CANBUS on TWR-KV58F220 and have the following questions:

1) When I try the httpsrv demo and it does not work. I checked pin_mux, and looks like it is configured for MII0, not RMII0. I am using PE26 as reference input as well. Do you have any sample to work with this kind of configuration? or what do I need to change on existing project?

2) When I am testing on CANBUS, I am using 50 MHz as clock, so, I can't get the exact 48MHz or 60 MHz clock, only 59.375MHz. Do you have any CANBUS timing setting for this or I can just use the settings for 60MHz.?