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MPC5xxx, Internal Flash Erase/Write a Privileged operation?

Question asked by Richard Davis on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by David Tosenovjan

We are developing a boot utility for loading internal Flash with a MPC5554.  Our Flash Programming utilities are working as long as the processor is running in Privilege Mode (MSR.PR = 0).  But, if we switch to User Mode (MSR.PR = 1) the processor crashes (exceptions and finally a reset).  Indications are that things begin going wrong when either the Erase or Write functions start to write to the Flash registers:

  • Flash_MCR (16 #C3F8_8000#)
  • Flash_HLR (16 #C3F8_8000#)
  • Flash_HSR (16 #C3F8_8000#)


Our debug environment is not particularly reliable when the processor is in User Mode so I hesitate to get into the details of the failure.  Depending on my test code I have seen Machine Check and Program-Privilege Exceptions.  But, they might not have been the first exception.


I am concerned that the Flash Register memory space (C3F8xxxx) is considered a “privileged resource”.  This would not surprise me considering what the registers control.  But, I did not find anything in the documentation that specifically said it.   Can anyone confirm this is/isn’t the case?


If it helps we are using the following definition for the TLB for that memory space:





0 (0x0)

Selected TLB (must be 1)

TLBSEL_ (0x1)


0 (0x0)

Enytry select for TLB1

ESEL_ (0x0)


0 (0x0)

Next replacement victim

NV_ (0x0)




VALID_Y (0x1)

Invalidation protect

IPROT_Y (0x1)


0 (0x0)

Translation ID

TID_ (0x0)


0 (0x0)

Translation Address space

TS_ (0x0)

Entry page size

TSIZE_1M (0x5)


0 (0x0)



Effective page number



0 (0x0)

Write Through

W_N (0x0)

Cache Inhibited

I_Y (0x1)

Memory coherence (ignored)

M_N (0x0)

Guarded (ignored)

G_Y (0x1)

Little Endian

E_N (0x0)



Real Page Number



0 (0x0)

User bit 0

U0_N (0x0)

User bit 1

U1_N (0x0)

User bit 2

U2_N (0x0)

User bit 3

U3_N (0x0)

User Execute

UX_Y (0x1)

Supervisor Execute

SX_Y (0x1)

User Write

UW_Y (0x1)

Supervisor Write

SW_Y (0x1)

User Read

UR_Y (0x1)

Supervisor Read

SR_Y (0x1)




Any assistance would be appreciated.  If you can point me to the area of the documentation that supports your ideas, that would be really appreciated.