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MPC5744P FlexCAN example

Question asked by Hyuntae Choi on May 23, 2017



I am using  MPC5744P-144DS daughter board and  MPC57xxx mother board to test FlexCAN module.

As there is no FlexCAN example for S32DS, I have refereed to  "MCP5744P FlexCAN simple TXRX" example for GHS compiler and "MPC5748G-FlexCAN_with_interrupts-S32DS"

I modify the main code to Transmit a message (CAN_0 MB0) with ETimer interrupt every 1 second, and receive the message with interrupt (CAN_1 MB0).  

I also configured the mother board (P4 and P5) by connecting CAN0_CANH to CAN1_CANH and CAN0_CANL to CAN0_CANL. Also terminate the CAN bus with 60 ohm resistor.


When I run the program, it always suspending in the following line


while ( CAN_0.IFLAG1.B.BUF0I == 0) { Counter_W++;} // wait until the tx is completed.


Can you please look into my code and help me with this problem.


Thanks in advance for your kind support.


Hyuntae Choi

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