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Question asked by Rami Jajo on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by igorpadykov

Hello everyone,


i am trying to program the TJA1100 PHY for BroadR-Reach Automotiv Ethernet with a STM32F407 µC. The PHY does not send anything over the twisted pair cable.


I read the value of the PHY registers:


Basic control register: 0x2100
Basic status register: 0x1E1
PHY identifier register1: 0x180
PHY identifier register2: 0xDC48
Extended status register: 0x80
Extended control register: 0x9802
Configuration register1: 0x5A11
Configuration register2: 0x2245
Symbol error conter register2: 0x00
Interrupt status register: 0x00
Interrupt enable register: 0x8000
Communication status register: 0x6004
General status register: 0xC000
External status register: 0x00
Link fail counter register: 0x00


Are the settings correct?
What changes should i do?


Thank you in advance.


Best regards