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Regarding i.MX7D(19 x 19 mm package) 's Vss(AD05)

Question asked by Tomohisa Sakamoto on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on May 12, 2017 by Yuri Muhin

Hi Support -Tean,


We have one question regarding datasheet 0f i.MX7D(19 x 19 mm package)'s Vss(AD05).


We would like  to confirm 19 x 19 mm package's datasheet information.
Document:IMX7DCEC.pdf(Rev.4) P140

We can not find AD05(or VSS130).
Latest Rev.4's datasheet or the older is same.
BTW,we can refer AD05(or VSS130) by schematics(i.MX7D Sabre-SDB Rev.d) and Pins Tool(V2.00).


If it is a leak, we would like to be modified when updating the datasheet.


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