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CMSIS-DAP board for planned small form-factor KV3X projects

Question asked by Cruz Monrreal II on Apr 25, 2017
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I am currently planning on making several projects based around the KV1/3/5 family parts, and was considering making smaller dev boards (similar to Teensy boards) such that I could embed the boards in the projects themselves while iterating through the prototyping process.


Because of this, I'm wondering how difficult it would be to isolate and create a small CMSIS-DAP board specific to my needs, but there seems to be a whole bunch of information with special conditions sprinkled about, so I figured I'd ask here.


My questions:

  1. From what I gather, I should simply be able to isolate the debug circuit from the FRDM-KV31F board, plop it onto its own board, and load firmware from this page, using a separate dedicated debugger. Is this correct? Would this work?
  2. The link to the source code points to this page, but the CMSIS-DAP project has now been moved and renamed to DAPLink. If I wanted to modify the source, would I use this project instead, targeting the K20DX?
  3. The appendices in this page demonstrate how to build the CMSIS-DAP application. This suggests that I need to build a specific version of CMSIS-DAP and load it to the interface chip (aka K20DX) for each target I may want to use. Is this correct? Or am I able to flash/debug any Kinetis MCU with this generic interface?
  4. If I wanted to use a different interface chip (in leiu of the K20DX), am I correct in that I should be good to use any of these chips? Are there any file size restrictions that I should be aware of when choosing a chip?
  5. Finally, does there already exist a suggested pinout if I want a single connector to connect an Interface Board (the K20DX) to a target, and have simultaneous UART comms, Debugging capability, and power show up at the Interface?


Thank you!

Cruz M.