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K70 Nandflash programming with P&E Cyclone Fx?

Question asked by arnogir on Apr 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by Johnny Ng


I post this question on P&E micro forum but without success since many month!

So I try here! :


I asked in the P&E micro forum if Nandflash algorithm is possible with Cyclone FX.

Somebody answer me NandFlash is not supported but I don't know if it is because no algorithm exist yet or if Cyclone Hardware is not designed for this?



Because Kinetis has a NandFlash Controler (NFC). It will be damaging that the Cyclone does not know how to do it! My post is here:



Then NandFlash DataSheet is here:



And I attached the Scheme of the used board on my side (SQM4-K70) Manufacturer website:



Then It is possible to have an algorithm which will be able with the Cyclone to Dump the External NandFlash Memory and write it?


Thank you