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First Try with KL25Z and MCUXpresso

Question asked by Daniel Colón on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2017 by Daniel Colón

Hi to averyone.

This its my first time trying to program a KL25Z and I decided to use MCUXpresso (I came from PIC Microcontrollers) but I'm finding a lot of troubles to get my first program up and running.

Firts I found out that the Bootloader that originally had my frdm board has to be changed in order to be recognized by MCUXpresso, so I changed it as well as the application. But when I start a debbug session, it seems everything ok until it ends. The computer stop recognizing the board connected and MCUXpresso doesn't recognize anymore the "probe" to debbug again or to load a release version of the example program.

What I have to do in order to get back my KL25Z is to change the Bootloader for the original one, restart the board and then load a example .bin program like the ones you can download from mbed. If I don't do these, the PC keeps whitout properly recognize the board.

So, after all this, I want to know

a) What bootloader and app version do I have to have to avoid broke my frdm board every time y start to debbug something?

b) Which ones are the steps to download the software to the kinetis in both, debbugug and release versions (I don't want to run everything in debbug mode).


Note: I already have added the SDK 2.2 to MCUXpresso


Thank you so much for your help into make this learning curve less painful". =)