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cout and UART for Custom Board and Custom Speed

Question asked by Jesse McCall on Apr 13, 2017
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I have a custom board running at a custom speed (SYSCLK). I was trying to print via UART to a TeraTerm console but am unable to. I know the UART traces and setup from a hardware standpoint is correct because I was able to create a project and generate output via writes to the requisite registers.

When I attempt to print the generic "Welcome to CodeWarrior!" prompt (via a bareboard example project), however, it does not print.

I imported the T4240QDS_aeabi_64bit_serial project, set the system clock variable to 128, and removed the case and QIXIS statements from the duart_config.c file. I built the file and copied the UART1_T4240QDS.aeabi.UC.64bit.a file into my other project. After building the project, I am still unable to generate output on the UART lines.


Is there a step I'm missing?


Thank you!