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SDHC failed to build on frdmk64 on KSDK2.0

Question asked by Phong Hoc Le on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by Daniel Chen

Hello friends,


I am working on SDHC module for frdmk64f on KSDK2.0 downloaded from nxp website. I can run the "sdcard_polling" example successfully with ADMA2 mode. But when I enable ADMA1 mode (I've added a macro FSL_SDHC_ENABLE_ADMA1 to the project) and use ADMA1 to transfer the data, it failed to build the example. I got the errors "identifier SDHC_ADMA1_DESCRIPTOR_TYPE_TRANSFER is undefined (at fsl_sdhc.c file, line 1057) " and "identifier SDHC_ADMA1_DESCRIPTOR_END_MASK is undefined (at fsl_sdhc.c file, line 1057)". I think, these macro may be "kSDHC_Adma1DescriptorTypeTransfer" and "kSDHC_Adma1DescriptorEndFlag". But when I update them and run it again, it went to hardfault. Could you please help me to check this issue?


Thanks and Best Regards,

Phong Le