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Temperature monitor of IMX6UL doesn't work as expected

Question asked by Ethan Yang on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2017 by Ethan Yang
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We now have the use of i.MX6UL on our products.

According to the Security Reference Manual, low-temperature monitor should assert between -40 and -20 degree.

However we found that some units will start to have the temperature tamper event at -16 degree C.

We've tried the TEMP_LOW_OFFSET bits of DryIce Tamper Offset Control Register (SNVS Expanded_DTOCR), but it makes no different.


And there's another issue about the temperature shown by u-boot.

The CPU temperature is abnormal when the unit is placed in a chamber with temperature below 0 C.


Not sure if the behavior of temperature monitor is related to the wrong temperature.

But it'll be helpful if there is a fix for this.