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working with muratas wifi-bt and Imx6qp Sabre AI board

Question asked by lavakumar s on Mar 17, 2017
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Currently I am working on integrating murata's wifi-bt module with IMX6qp SABRE AI board(Attache the files).

My current kernel version is : 4.1.15

I followed the steps from "Murata Wi-Fi & BT Solution for i.MX Quick Start Guide (Linux) 4.0.pdf".

but while checking I couldn't find the .dtb  file required for the IMX6qp board (i.e.: imx6qp-sabreauto-wifibt.dtb).Please tell me where can I get these files along with zImage file.


And any rework required on NXP board for the the WIFI-BT(LBEE6U4ZQC-TEMP-D  :typeXQ EVB) to work .Please help.





                       Base board P/N : MCIMXABASEV1.

                       Processor board P/N :MCIMX6QPAICPU3 

Wifi-Bt :     

                       Sample P/N : LBEE6U4ZQC-TEMP-D (typeXQ EVB ES7).


Let me know how to proceed further...



Lavakumar S