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About clock setting in LPC18xx.

Question asked by Kalpesh Ramani on Mar 11, 2017
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I am using LPC1857 device kit.


And there are 4 pins named CLK0, CLK1, CLK2, CLK3 on board.

In software i am using CMISIS and based on that i am getting default frequency 12MHZ. PLL range is from 0 - 15, so i can say that i can get frequency from 12 MHZ, 24MHz, 36MHz, ... , 180MHz.


PROBLEM : By default i am getting 12MHz from CLK1 pin by writing this below code.

"LPC_SCU_CLK(1) = 1 + CLK_OUT;"

And I want 6MHz from LPC18xx, Can you help me to set 6MHz on CLKOUT pin?



Kalpesh Ramani.