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Getting device UID on KL27 bootrom

Question asked by Chris McHarg on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2017 by Kerry Zhou

We were hoping to be able to get the KL27's device UID while running the bootrom, however the get-property command fails when attempting this from the host side:


./blhost -u -- get-property 18
Inject command 'get-property'
Response status = 10300 (0x283c) Unknown property.


I had previously found and downloaded an older version of the bootloader source (version 1.1.0), and checking this source just now it appeared that the device UID property (18) was supported.


Can you offer advice on the following?


- Is getting the device UID in bootrom mode supported? If not with the get-property command, how can it be done?

- What version of the bootloader is in the bootrom?


Cheers, Chris