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imx6q otg detect

Question asked by Wenjie Zhang on Feb 17, 2017
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   i have a custom board use imx6q, we have some problem about it. first, although we succeed in downloading rootfs, uImage and u-boot with mfgtools, it can not boot up. Mfgtools always show the board is HID-compliant device whatever we set boot_cfg1[7:4] and boot_cfg2[6:3] to any state(we use 8-bits switch to change it) and other btx_cfgxs are the same as mx6q_sabresd board. i think it is always in serial download mode because when we use demo board (imx6q_sabresd), MFGtools doesn't show it is a HID_compliant device(except serial download mode) when we set switch to emmc boot mode(0x11010110). Does it a hardware problem? How will MFGtools detect it as a HID-compliant device?May uboot  affect it?And we succeed in downloading, does it mean imx, ddr3 and emmc(we use emmc as storage) are OK? 

Thanks all.