Serghei Plamadeala

MPC5668g e9001

Discussion created by Serghei Plamadeala on Feb 6, 2017

"e9001 eSCI: Incorrect behavior while in LIN Standard Bit error detection mode


Description: After a Local Interconnect Network (LIN) wake-up signal frame is transmitted from a master device while in Standard Bit error detection mode (eSCI_CR2[FBR] = 0), a bit error is detected in any subsequent LIN Transmit (TX) or Receive (RX) frames sent from the master device. After the bit error is detected, the Bit Error Interrupt Flag (eSCI_IFSR1[BERR]) is asserted, and the LIN controller will not generate TX or RX frames."


I cannot reproduce this behavior on MPC5668G, there are any other conditions that can trigger this behavior?

This behavior is 100% reproducible on every sample mpc5668g or can occur sporadically?

Could send me an ESCI configuration (Lin Mode) in order to reproduce this issue? 

I would like to evaluate the impact of this errata.  

I'm looking forward on your answer. Thank you.