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run standalone bare-metal application on u-boot on the iMX6

Question asked by Andrea Colomba on Feb 6, 2017

I am trying to run a bare-metal application written for an imx6dq based board using iMX6 bare-metal sdk using u-boot.

After compiling the application I put it on SD card and run the following commands from u-boot.

> fatload mmc 1 0x10000000 demo.bin'

> go 0x100006d0

> ## Starting application at 0x100006D0 ...

The result is that everything hangs..

By looking at the .map file the memory configuration is attached in this post.

Instead of booting directly from the standalone app I want to use u-boot to do it because the board comes with u-boot on emmc flash.

As I said before the standalone program is compiled using iMX6 sdk, so it is self-contained and doesn't call any of the u-boot functions. Also by loooking at the elf file the entry point address is 0x100006d0 so if I jump to that address it should work, but it hangs.

I've already looked at the post How do I use uboot to run stand alone applications that I compile with ARM DS-5 on the i.MX6 ?  but didn't find anything useful.

Can you help me? What should I do in order to run standalone application compiled with sdk using u-boot?

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