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MPC567XEVB Gerber files and parts lists

Question asked by Choi yu-rim on Jan 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by Choi yu-rim


I am firmware engineer and develiping MPC5674F MCU using MPC567XEVB.

I am going to expand the memory using the MPC5674's External Bus Interface(EBI) block.

(Currently, the 4Mbit SRAM (CY7C1338G) is connected to the EBI block of the MPC5674F, and the P5 connector if available to expand the EBI block.)

The MPC567XEVB has a P5 connector to extend the external circuitry.

So I need a Gerber file and Parts list to know the sizse information of this connector(P5).

Where can I get the Gerber file and Parts list of the MPC567XEVB?


I look forward to receiving all the help.

Thank you.


Yu-Rim Choi.