Wiiliem Surya Gotama

UNHANDLED EVENT when try to command dimmer switch

Discussion created by Wiiliem Surya Gotama on Jan 9, 2017

I use JN-AN-1189 dimmer switch code as a base for a premade switch device. everytime i send command from my coordinator, it become UNHANDLED EVENT and cannot control anything since cannot catch the proper data from coordinator (boolean on/off), yet if i use dimmable light code, the event is GENERAL_CLUSTER_ID_ONOFF, and control the wrong DIO.


my question:

1. Is it possible for dimmer switch receive a command from coordinator? what makes it become UNHANDLED EVENT?

2. let say the switch device contain more than 1, how to control each switch?

3. i'm still new and not understand how to setup the thing, but how does the flow works from the coordinator send the message and then the device receive it? the UG is kinda vague


thanks in advance