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       At present I am working for an automotive electronics company.Useed MCU: ST stm32f476, stm32f072, stm32f303; Sypress M0 S6E1C3 and NXP ARM7 lpc2131 , lpc2136.

       I and my friend ,who work in hospital discussing a project on analysis of intestinal physiology according to the gurgling sound.



   2.1 block diagram


   2.2 Detailed Description

         To   overcome the disadvantages in the bowel sounds detection such as strong subjectiVity,   low exactitude   and unscientific detections,   we designed a multi-channel bowel   sounds acquisition system based on MCU to detect the signals accuratelyThe   system include hardware and software. the hardware system comprise nmlti-channel “crophonesanlplifier cirCuitfilter circuitVoltage ascend circuitMCU circuitelectricity   supply circuit and so onthe software system is composed of the capture   programs and calculate programsThe system works as followsmicrophones detect the bowel sounds firstly and transfrom them into electrical signalsand then the signals will beplified, filtered and advance the voltage level to satisfy the level requested by A/D   converterAfter the signals come into the MCU circuitthe A/D converter embedded in the MCU transform the analog signals into digital onesthen the digial signals will be dispaly to TFT and memorized for funher analysis at the same time, end print a report .