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LPC43S67 periph_sdmmc example error

Question asked by Omid Athari on Dec 21, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2018 by John McCabe


I an using an lpc34S67 (OM13084) along with a OM13082 general purpose board and trying to run the periph_sdmmc example and I get the following error output.


Initializing RTC (might take few seconds)...Done
Hello NXP Semiconductors

***SDCARD demo***
Opening MESSAGE.TXT from SD Card...Card Acquire failed...
Failed with rc=3.
Printing contents of MESSAGE.TXT...
Failed with rc=9.
Close the file.
Failed with rc=9.
Create a new file (hello.txt).
Failed with rc=13.
Write text data "Hello world!" to HELLO.TXT
Failed with rc=9.
0 bytes written.
Close the file.
Failed with rc=9.
Open root directory.
Failed with rc=13.
Directory listing...
Failed with rc=9.
Test completed.


The a fomatted card containing "message.txt" file is plugged into the sd card slot on the sheild board OM13082


Any ideas


Omid Athari