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How can I use u-boot bmp to display a bitmap from mmc

Question asked by Parker MacDonald on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by Wigros Sun

I am having difficulties configuring my lvds touch screen to display graphics of any kind during the uboot stage. During linux boot, and after all graphics work just fine. I unfortunately have a rather long uboot time (~5 seconds) and need an image to appear quickly.

I am using a custom imx6qp board based on the sabresd reference. I have been using uboot versions 4.1.15_1 and 4.1.15_2 from the freescale git repository. My attempts so far have involved editing mx6sabresd.c in '...boards/freescale/', and mx6sabresd.h in '.../include/configs/' with my display timings (below), adding the splash screen option, adding the BMP program (#define CONFIG_CMD_BMP). When I do not specify a panel environment variable, and have an hdmi display connected, I can see my splash image on the hdmi screen. But when I make a detect lvds function (which simply returns 1), or specify 'my-display' for the panel environment variable, bmp seems to work but I do not see anything on my display. Since the display works fine after boot, this leads me to wonder if there is more setup to do to get the screen to work. Thanks for any info.




.bus = -1,
.addr = 0,
.pixfmt = IPU_PIX_FMT_RGB666,
.detect = detect_lvds,
.enable = enable_lvds,
.mode = {
.name = "my-display",
.refresh = 60,
.xres = 1280,
.yres = 800,
.pixclock = 14506,
.left_margin = 48,
.right_margin = 48,
.upper_margin = 8,
.lower_margin = 2,
.hsync_len = 32,
.vsync_len = 6,
.sync = FB_SYNC_EXT,