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question about "JTAG configuration file to override RCW"

Question asked by wolfking chen on Nov 24, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2016 by Adrian Stoica

Hi, All:
  Now I read the code warrior's documentation "CodeWarrior Development Studio for Power Architecture Processors Targeting Manual" which is from CW version 10.5. In section 8.2 "Using a JTAG configuration file to override RCW", it says the TAP debugger can be used to override the on board RCW by using the host's JTAG configuration files, but it doesn't explain how to operate.
  I try this by following the section 8.3 "Using a JTAG configuration file to specify multiple linked devices on a JTAG chain".
After I import the configuration file "T4240RDB_RCW_1666_666_1600-rev1.0.txt", the original content of "initialization
target script" is missing. (the attached figure show this)
  So I have to set it back manually, does it contradict with the imported JTAG configuration file?

before importing configuration file