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MKL03Z8 Sleep Current too high

Question asked by micaelsantos on Nov 25, 2016

I've been trying to get a MKL03Z8 device to enter low power mode with the code attached, but I can't get less than 192uA. Looking at the datasheet the VPLS mode should be around 2.2uA. I already tried disabling clocks, seeing if there are any floating pins but no luck so far.

What could be the source of this high consumption? I'm running out of ideas to try. Is there any simple code example where I can get the specified currents in the datasheet? That way I could see what I was doing wrong.

I've tried looking into the example on the SDK but it didn't help much. This product is meant to be used with batteries sleeping currents can be a deal breaker.


Thanks in advance for the help

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