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Question asked by Mike Cao Employee on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by iggi

    My customer already use S12XHY to develop the cluster project. Now they need to pass the 25KV ESD test but S12XHY is always reset.  

   So i suggest customer use the clock monitor reset different reset address to solve the cluster reset issue.  I write a test code which will force MCU reset when external OSC signal is disturbed. But what i find is very strange. When i input a disturbed noise into the external OSC input pin first time, the MCU is reset with the same power on reset address.  Then i continue to input the noise to the OSC input pin, the MCU is always into the SCM mode without any reset. 


My quesions is:

1. how to into the clock monitor reset address?

2. Why MCU can not be reset  when i input the noise into the OSC input pin after the first time?



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Mike Cao

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