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KW24D512 ZigBee + KDS

Question asked by David Danaj on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by Juan Carlos Pacheco


Is it possible to develop code for FRDM-KW24D512 using ZigBee stack in KDS and without OS?


So far I have tried:

  1. Freescale BeeKit (most promising so far)
    I used 'User Defined Target' when creating new project in BeeKit because there is only TWR or USB option (not FRDM)
    After exporting solution from BeeKit and importing into KDS there is a message "Nothing to build for project xxx" when I try to build it. 
  2. BeeStack 5.0
    In examples in BeeStack 5.0, I have found only projects for FreeRTOS and MQX (no bare-metal). And also only for IAR.
  3. MKW2xD_MCR20A Connectivity Software
    There are examples only for SMAC and IEEE 802.15.4. There are not examples for ZigBee.


Thank you for any suggestions.


KDS version: 3.2.0