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File > New > MQX4.2 project missing from codewarrior

Question asked by Carl Norman on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by Daniel Chen

I have installed MQX4.1 and MQX4.2 on CW10.7 pro and need to run some examples. Normally I find it best to go file > new > MQX4.1 project and choose the example I want so I can select my cyclone debugger and have all the paths configured correctly. But you cant create 4.2 examples, the option is just not there in CW10.7.


I need to use the MQX Shell examples for RTCS. I tried file > new > MQX4.1 select the RTCS shell example, then changing the folder to MQX4.2 but it turns out the shell is completely different and it wont work. So I then resorted to "import project" and imported the MQX example project into my work space but the debugger is not there and its not enjoying me manually changing it.


Anyway, is there a reason MQX4.2 example applications cannot be created "the normal way"?