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FXAS21002C gyro does not pass self-test

Question asked by Adam Heinrich on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by Tomas Vaverka

Dear colleagues,

in our current project we are planning to use the FXAS21002C gyro. The PCB has been designed with respect to layout recommendations and we have manufactured several prototypes.


However it looks like all of them are dead as they fail the self-test for both X and Y axes (value is outside the specified range) and it reads angular movement although the board does not move during test. The Z axis is OK and the code works well on older prototypes build around NXP's breakouts.


What could be possibly wrong?


Moreover, the errata document FXAS21002CER states that there should be new chip revision with SPI issue fixed. How do we identify the new revision? Our chips' traceability date code reads FCSA.


Thank you,


Adam Heinrich