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assembler code interpret error

Question asked by Sijia Hao on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by Maher MALAK



I have a problem about assembler code interpret.


In .s file, if I use  " bl _InitRam " to jump into _InitRam, the code is translated to "e_bl 0x1F6", this is right.


But if I use "bne  init_sram_noinit" to jump into init_sram_noinit first, and in init_sram_noinit, I use  " bl _InitRam " to jump into _InitRam,  the code is translated to "e_b 0x1E6", then it jump to 0x1E6 and trapped here.


this is the code translated in Trace32, the e_bl 0x1F6 is right, the e_b 0x1E6 is wrong.


How to fix this problem?


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