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Yocto build, for i.MX6UL

Question asked by Sudo Masaaki on Sep 5, 2016

Good evening!

I'm kind of stuck, if it's possible would like to clarify and confirm a few points. Let me explain the situation first.

UI engine(storyboard) needs either directfb or gl over fb to run on imx6 board. I did manage to run it on out Ultra Light with directfb but animation was really slow and parts of a terminal were over application window, so I wanted to try an opengl approach. Engine has a lot of runtime libraries, still when I try to run it I get the following message

DIAG [0.096]:Unable to load plugin: /usr/bin/cs/plugins/ Error: /usr/bin/cs/plugins/ undefined symbol: fbDestroyWindow

Google pointed me to the following header gpu-samples-mx6/eglvivante.h at master · rogeriorps/gpu-samples-mx6 · GitHub 

which, basically, strongly related to Vivanti GPU drivers. If I build a Yocto image with imx-gpu-viv support, there pops up a library. • View topic - Storyboard Application is not run on I.MX6 Yocto(Fido) 

Engine does not support X11 and Wayland, and they should be removed from build completely to not interfere with fb, so library is the only thing which provides me with needed undefined functions. The problem is - I can't build imx-gpu-viv for imx6ul since it has no GPU.

Long story short: how do I build in Yocto a direct frame buffer driven EGL library for Ultra Light board?

I'm building an fsl-community-bsp with bitbake core-image-directfb, my local.conf in attach.

Thanks in advance, hope you can help me.

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