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ADC Raw Values read from NTC and Current Value measured via MM9Z1J638 and

Discussion created by kadir uzun on Aug 19, 2016
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Hello All,


I am studying on MM9Z1J638 and trying to understand its basics for a while. I have one question regarding to ADC values I obtained from current and temperature channels. I see 24 bit current measurement result and 16 bit raw value related to temperature. However, I do not understand what these values mean. I know that the value I read from temperature channel is dependent on the NTC I used, but is this value a voltage value, or is it something other? How I can convert, for instance the value I see from current channel to something I can understand in terms of Amps?


The demo code makes some conversions however I did not quite get how it gets temperature result form Raw ADC value. It also converts current to miliamps but I am not sure if the result I get is miliamps because what I watched on CodeWarrior is a number in Billion levels or so on. I am not sure if 12billion miliamp is something logical or not.


I am looking forward to see your response about this issue.


Thanks in advance