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KV58F HSADC with KDS 3.2 and SDK2.0

Question asked by Gregory Wong on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by xiangjun.rong

Hi everyone,

I've modified the HSADC dual parallel example from the SDK 2.0 to use HSADCA ch 0 and ch 1, and HSADCB ch 0 and 1.


The config structs are:

channelNumber = 0U

channel67MuxNumber = 0U

enableDifferentialPair = false


channel67MuxNumber and enableDifferentialPair are the same for when channelNumber 1U, 8U, and 9U.


When debugging in KDS 3.2 with a PEMicro Multilink Universal FX, the RSLT registers never change, despite sampleMask being equal to the ready registers.


Have I set up something incorrectly? I can't attach anything since this page doesn't render properly in Chrome, IE, Firefox or Opera.