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Reset opcode?

Question asked by jean-christophe fontaine on Jul 25, 2016
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I have to implement a mechanism in my software to reset MPC5604B when my program goes in an unused memory area.


Actually I've padded whole my unused flash with the following pattern: 0xDEAD.


With this solution, when the program goes in a section padded with this pattern, the program stop and my watchdog reset the MPC5604B.


My question is: Is an opcode exist to reset directly the microcontroller? or an opcode jump to the begin of my application?


I wish to pad directly with an opcode which permit to reset directly the MPC and don't wait the reset with my watchdog.


I sought in the BOOK_EUM.pdf of the PowerPc architecture to know if an opcode permit to reset the MPC, but I didn't find it.


Does this opcode exist?


Thanks for your support.