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Homemade config to SDRAM, Wait states and READ strategy. Need advice.

Question asked by Sigurd Möller on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2016 by Bernhard Fink

Hello community!

I have a LPC4337 and I want to use the AS4C2M32SA 64MB SDRAM on this costum PCB. All connections are correct.

I tried to use some examples with various configurations but now I wanted to make my own setup of the EMC and SDRAM.


By using the UM10503 manual I have made a EMC and SDRAM config function. It will compile but I am sure that I have misunderstood a few concepts and I hope someone is willing to help me out a little bit:


On page 622 in the manual it states:

"2. When the SDRAM is in the set mode state, issue an SDRAM read from an address

specific to the selected mode and the SDRAM memory organization."


I have calculated the address to be 0x2803200 (MODE=0x32 and OFFSET to be 12). HOW do i use this infomation

and when is it to be used? (before or after setting the SDRAM timings?).


Secondly I need to delay by one "wait state" to acess those timing registers. Right now I have using empty for-loops

as delay but is this the prober way to do this?


I have attached my config to this post.


Kind regards

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