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Can Bus-Off problem

Question asked by 庆和 叶 on Jul 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by Kerry Zhou

Hi , I have a problem when use can bus of Lpc1768. When the can bus run into Bus-Off state,I try to restart it. According to the LPC17xx User Manual, Below is my restart code:

  LPC_CAN1->MOD = 1; // Enter Reset Mode

  LPC_CAN1->GSR = 0; // Clear the Tx error counter

  LPC_CAN1->CMR = (1<<1)|(1<<2)|(1<<3);// reset cmr

  LPC_CAN1->MOD = 0;// Return Normal operating

But ,after 128 Bus Free condition (11 consecutive recessive bits),the bus still off.

How could  I  handled the Bus-Off error?

Thanks a lot.