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[MC9S12XET256MAA]  Bandgap reference voltage

Question asked by Jacek Janczura on Jul 12, 2016
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Hi I need help,


Do you know how can I access to the internal bandgap reference voltage? I want to have access to it via Analog I/O, but I don't know how. I just need it as a reference for other measurements, I'd like to check the pin and have bandgap voltage measurement answer. i.e. in Processor Expert I mapped PAD03_AN03 [Channel4] - bandgap measurment and I would like to read the bandgap via AN03.


I went through documentation


I found this but it didn't help.

[The device temperature can be monitored on ADC0 channel[17]. The internal bandgap reference voltage can also be mapped to ADC0 analog input channel[17]. The voltage regulator VSEL bit when set, maps the bandgap and, when clear, maps the temperature sensor to ADC0 channel[17].]


I read also:




MK10FN1M0VLQ12: Use the internal band gap voltage for ADC


Thanks for help