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kboot: jump to bootloader from application

Question asked by Peter Ruesch on Jul 12, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by Kevin Luty



I was searching for how I could jump to the bootloader when running the application.


the Kinetis Booloader Reference Manual states the following:

To get the address of the entry point, the user application reads the word containing the

pointer to the bootloader API tree at offset 0x1C of the bootloader's vector table. The

vector table is placed at the base of the bootloader's address range.


But when I look at the bootlaoder sources there is no evidence that this is actually done.

1. The vector table defined in the startup_*.s file does not place the g_bootloaderTree symbol at a specific offset

2. The linker file does also not contain an explicit location for g_bootloaderTree.


so what am I missing? How can the application expect an bootloader entry point at 0x1C?


Seems like I just should to it as the bootloader jumps to the application (jump_to_application() )