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Jumping from bootloader to user application

Question asked by Kevin Luty on Sep 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by Niyanth Krishna Polisetty

I'm using KBOOT v2.0 and a MK22F512VLH12 chip.


I currently have my user application placed at 0xA000 and it is running MQX.  Direct boot is currently enabled, so at power-up, it skips the bootloader and goes straight into user application.  


Now, I want to be able to go from my user application into the bootloader.  I've tried using the code found in the bootloader manual however that seems to be unsuccessful:

// Variables
uint32_t runBootloaderAddress;
void (*runBootloader)(void * arg);

void run_bootloader(void * arg)
// Read the function address from the ROM API tree.
runBootloaderAddress = **(uint32_t **)(0x0000001CUL);
runBootloader = (void (*)(void * arg))runBootloaderAddress;

And then I eventually call:

What am I doing wrong?  How can I jump back into bootloader successfully?